LMS Evaluation

As a way to demonstrate the decision making abilities and responsibilities of the technology coordinator at a school, I developed an infographic to highlight the significant implications of choosing a learning management system at my high school. When I was developing the infographic, it was important for me to come up with a rationale for what I would recommend to my school for adopting a school-wide system.


Change Report

SAMR in Plain English

For this project, I wanted to test out a program that I had never used to create an instructional video. Using GoAnimate, I created a simple video to explain how the SAMR model works for technology integration. Another component of this project was that we had to use at least some hand-drawn elements during the presentation. This presented a unique difficulty for me because I rely so heavily on computer generated images for most projects, and I find it difficult to feel creative through drawing.

Ignite Talk

The following is an Ignite style lesson to teach the components of effective speaking skills. This Ignite Talk focuses on using effective design elements in conjunction with a well-planned out lesson. This project was a part of my Creative Designs for Learning class in the fall of 2016.

Design Documentation



Going Viral

We were given a challenge to see if we could get a self-created video to go viral. Now, to be fair, the challenge wasn’t seeking true “viral” status, but we were looking to get 100 unique views on YouTube in order to achieve success on the challenge. While this video isn’t my most viewed video on YouTube, it was my quickest video to over 100 views, and it is currently above 340 views.

I can thank a network of friends and other educators on Twitter and Facebook for helping me achieve this viral video so quickly.


For the sake of argument, here is my most viewed YouTube video at over 780 views:

Heritage Makers Club

During INTE 5300 (Media Literacy and the Maker Movement), I spent a lot of time researching the effectiveness of the maker movement. During the time in which I was taking this class, I was not in a position to help develop a maker space in my school as a standalone project. Instead, I decided to make an after school club that would allow me to share the experiences and processes involved in making with other people.

I created a shell for an after-school club that could be adopted by any other school or program. All it would need is an investment in time and some simple resources.

This website is the shell of that club, and a way it could be set up for others to model their clubs after.

Creating Infographics

As part of my Creative Designs for Instructional Materials class, we focused on designing effective alternatives to traditional modes of instruction. One of the projects that I created for this class was an infographic to share with my junior English class revolving around the Hero’s Journey. This project allowed me to explore elements of Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, and Proximity to effectively teach a concept for my class.

Design Documentation

EdTech Minute

As a way to help the teachers in my building become more acquainted with different technologies related to the classroom, I started a video playlist of tutorials I created. This would allow me to share short snippets of information with the teachers in my building. I wanted them to be short enough for teachers not to feel like time was being taken away from them to learn something new. So, aside from the intro and closing, I tried to keep all of my tips to 1 minute. This project was a part of my INTE5680 Media and Mobile Learning class.


Virtual Reality in EDU

Virtual reality has taken the education world by storm. What impact does it have on Education? Where will it be in 2 years? Here’s a quick  guide to the nature of Virtual Reality as it relates to education.